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How to add animation into a mobile app?

It's simple to create an app by NewDigitalTimes editor. You add content and make into pages according to your technical assignment. The mobile app is ready.

But what to do if you want, for example, animate a digital magazine or make it more interactive and attractive for your readers and advertisers? Our developers have coped the task. Now, using the function “Animation”, you can add video and GIF files into your mobile applications. Please, find out more about all users’ options below.

For simplicity of animation creating GIF-files with transparency support are used. Each animation element can be moved round and resized. After downloading GIF file into NDT editor different settings are available. One may play and stop animation by pushing refer buttons, loop video or play it by parts. 



In case, when launch delay time is equal to zero, animation starts right after page is opened. If other time is specified (in seconds) then animation will play on expiration delay time.

Start and stop animation playback

Start playback

It’s possible to start animation by button long holding, playback stops if key-up. Animation playback starts only after pushing button, referring to the animation.

Stop playback

To stop animation, click the button, referring to the animation.

Loop playback

To loop animation playback just put the function on the settings.

Animation playback by parts

You can indicate a number of frames for playback. When button is hold down, animation plays specified numbers of frames. Resume playback from the last breakpoint by the second click.

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