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How to make an android app

Click on the Create button in the upper pane of the Applications panel and when you wil see the input field in the list, where you must enter the name of the new app and click on the Check button to confirm. The app name will be visible on the mobile device after installation and during installation, so the name is language-specefic application distribution. To build the application click on the Android button to the right of the application name.

Then click the Create button in the upper pane of the Certificates panel in the new window, thus you will be able to create a certificate that is required to build the application. The Assistant of certification need to fill out two fields and the system will be able to create your own certificate. If you created certificate in other ways, you will be able to load P12 format and enter the key password when you build the application, otherwise we will be unable to sign the application with your certificate.

After a certificate is created or loaded, you must select it using the radio button and press the button Start application assembly after selecting the language distribution. In the panel Packeged application you will see the build date, version of the app and the Download button that appears after the build is finished. Build app for Android and IOS takes no more than two or three minutes. If the application is not going, please notify us of the error.


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